What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Four months ago my swimming was little more than head-out-of-the water breaststroke. Today someone approached me in the pool and asked if I was a professional swimmer. Jill, you are a miracle worker.

Sarah W.
Iron woman competitor

I have got magnificent news, you said this would come, but I had not expected it so soon. This Friday when I went swimming, the lifeguard stopped me after ten minutes to let me know that it was no longer permissable to hold on to the ledge to catch my breath. “You’re supposed to keep on swimming without stopping”, he said. He sounded serious so I was taken aback until a big grin appeared on his face. He then told me the real reason for stopping me – he had been keeping an eye on my technique and was very impressed. He asked if I had been training for a long time. Soaring with joy, I told him about Total Immersion and promised to send him some links about it. Oh, and he asked me what I was doing at the moment, because they needed new lifeguards and gave me the phone number for his boss.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me T.I. I can’t wait for the next video opportunity, so I can show you my progress.

Michael S.
stroke technique student

I have had two individual swim lessons over the past two weeks with Jill Hulatt. Her endless pool at her house in Dartington & the shower and facilities are totally fab. Having followed TI for a number of years, self taught, then attended the group TI sessions in Saltash a year ago, it was time for a refresher. Jill gives you a memory stick of video clips she takes of you during the session which you can take away and study. During the swim lesson itself she can show you immediate feedback on a TV screen of your swimming. Then you can put the improvements into practice straight away during the session. Really enjoyable & great coaching.

Ruth W.